Monday, 30 April 2012

Topshop: Mascara Review

Recently went on the hunt for the perfect mascara, and since my old one ran out I thought it was about time I tried out a new one from a different brand. So I came across Topshops line of makeup products, and although I wouldn't usually buy makeup from non-specialist shops, I said what the heck. 
So as far as the consistency of the liquid goes I would give it a 9/10. It lasts long and is not too thick. It also comes in a range of colours which all apply the same.
The wand is where problems begin to arise :), and I blame this on the fact that Topshop doesn't specialise in makeup, and therefore is bound to fall short on key aspects of producing makeup. The bristles end up clumping together after a few uses, which completely defeats the point of thickening your eyelashes. 
The only solution I can find to making this Topshop mascara work is if you use a different wand when applying, that is if you really like the rest of the product that much.

My rating out of 10?
Over and out. 

Sunday, 29 April 2012

YouTube: Amazing Rapping Brothers

I think I speak for a lot of you out there when I say that if I'm on YouTube, I could start off watching a video about Kate Middleton's first speech as a Royal family member and somehow 30 minuets later I'm watching a guy rocket himself across a river on his skateboard (reminder: put that down on bucket list). 
So one day, during that very process (which happens more often than it should really -.-) I came across these twins that do covers of raps, and I must say some of them are even better than the original songs themselves. The quality of sound isn't great, as a studio version would be better (#justsayin), regardless it's obvious these brothers have talent. 

Friday, 27 April 2012

Millie's Cookies Vs. Ben's Cookies

On more important matters, if there’s one thing I take very seriously, it is a good cookie, yes ma’am. I’ve been having serious and long discussions about who makes the better cookie (which have included hours of nail biting debates, might I mention). Ben's Cookies are definately more popular, have great displays, and are located in prime locations. But when talking strictly about cookie goodness, Millies are flatter, chewier, and the chocolate pieces are better spread out. Whereas Ben's chocolate chips are melted sort of randomly all over the outside and inside of the cookie (I swear im not crazy! I just know a good cookie when I see one -.-). 
So I have reached the verdict (drumroll please..) that Millies do indeed have better cookies (dodges chair thrown at me). It’s a dirty job making such tough decisions (dusts self off), but somebody gotta do it. 
Your welcome (wink).

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Review: Soap and Glory

I went all out when I thought I should try some new every day products. Frankly, the packaging of Soap & Glory is amazing, and I have to admit (guilty) I was drawn to the packaging before the actual products. These are the things I tried: 
Best facial wash I tried so far
This scrub is so gentle and not harsh on the skin

It was ok, Neutrogena wipes are better
The smell is amazing!

Creative way to display your make-up brushes

5osh fikra! I've seen similar glass containers in ikea, but I would pass on the coffee beans and maybe use stones instead ;p

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Event: REUSE 5.0

REUSE is an exhibition to promote environmental friendly art. I personally think it's a wonderful idea to get the community and students involved in recycling, and promoting eco-friendly living by using ART as a medium. It takes place in ACK, and April 22nd is the last day so go ahead and check it out!

Eco-friendly totes

Shirts with pepsi bottle caps

Floppy disk bag by Noor AlSabah
Rainbow bicycle table by Basma AlQatami
Recycling T-Shirts into thread to be woven, crocheted, or knotted
Floating faucet by UAS students 

Friday, 20 April 2012

Apple: No More MacBooks

I stopped by Apple a few days ago enquiring about a new laptop for a friend, and one of the Apple employees told me that they had stopped production on all the MacBooks [they're the only laptop that come in white & grey, incase you get them confused with the MacBook Pros]. Although they're not being sold in Apple anymore, if you ask around in other retail stores you might be able to get your hands on their last stocks. 
I think its a shame, because for anyone who is new to the line of MacBooks, I would highly advise the MacBook just because its a great laptop and has the more than enough capacity for beginners. The Macbook is the only laptop from their line that came in white as well, which I think is much more attractive than the grey and black that all the other laptops come in. Oh well.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Orange House

Talk about standing out! This house in Ankara, Turkey is bright orange by day and by night lights are on and suddenly you feel like you're back in the 80s. I do think its unique, but just over the top with the lighting inside the house. 

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

In Season: Flowers

Simple flower arrangements always look classy hands down. No coloured confetti, multi-coloured strings, glitter, outrageous vases that hold a gallon of water with gold fish swimming around the stems (I have witnessed these acts of monstrosities, yes). Call me old fashioned (or just plain simple), but I love receiving or buying two-dozen flowers with tissue-like wrapping, without the vase and over-the-top accessories. So next time you buy a gift, I would highly recommend a beautiful bouquet. 

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Blog: The Blonde Salad

Chiara Ferragni is a 24 year old fashion blogger from Milan. Not only is she a fashionista, but she's also a designer and currently in law school. She blogs in both Italian and English so she can reach a larger audience which I applaud her for. Her popularity from blogging allowed her to collaborate with MANGO, United Colors of Benetton, BlogLovin' and LuisaViaRoma to her own shoe-line, named after herself.